It’s that time of year…

…we’ve picked the turkey carcass clean and are now getting over our triftafen [correction–Sliwa says “tryptophan”] hangovers. I’m already getting psyched about the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich I’ll be bringing with me to work tomorrow (turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry relish between two slices of toasted whole wheat) and this afternoon I’m going to load up my iPod with CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Yes, that’s right, super cheesy stuff from jazz to motown to the O.C. Christmukkah soundtrack. While I hate the fact that most stores started putting out Christmas decorations and playing carols after Halloween, now that Thanksgiving is over I’m ready to glut myself on yuletide cheer and start spiking my cocoa with peppermint schnapps.

For those of you who like to get festive, here are my top 10 favorite Christmas songs of all time:

  1. Stars – What the Snowman Learned About Love
  2. Ray Charles – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  3. The Raveonettes – Christmas Song
  4. Stevie Wonder – That’s What Christmas Means To Me
  5. Ella Fitzgerald – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  6. Sufjan Stevens – O Come O Come Emmanuel
  7. Louis Armstrong – Christmas Night In Harlem
  8. Hem – Just Like Christmas
  9. Otis Redding – Merry Christmas Baby
  10. Leona Naess – Christmas

Ron Sexsmith’s “Maybe This Christmas” is also pretty good:


5 thoughts on “It’s that time of year…

  1. As your pseudo nutritionist friend, I must object:
    1. It’s tryptophan
    2. the levels found in the turkey we consume are insufficient to deserve blame for our post-feast lethargy.

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