Predictive Texts

I’m always intrigued by what my cell phone thinks I want to say when I use its predictive text function. Some words that seem totally normal are superceded by bizarre stuff or when I click through the options on each word there are strange continuums.

mobile_sgh-t629_features_kvFor example, when I try to type “ANDY” the first word my phone gives me is “BODY”, then “ANEW”, and finally “ANDY”. Body anew Andy. Similarly, when I was asking Andy where I was picking him up when he arrived in Boston this weekend, my phone gave me “Where am I shaking you up?” It seemed oddly appropriate at the time.

Sometimes my brain does this when I write poetry–substituting a word that sounds or looks the same but changes the meaning entirely, to strange the language. Maybe I should use my cell phone as a writing tool.


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