Favorite Music Videos of 2008

Happy New Year! This past year has been a great one for music and while most magazines and websites are listing their Top 10 albums, I thought I’d share my Top Five favorite music videos:

5. Noah and the Whale “2 Bodies 1 Heart” — Anything that combines track & field with Irish step-dancing with a Wes Anderson aesthetic sprinkled with whimsy is A-OK with me.

4. Lykke Li “Breaking It Up” — I love this video because it’s kind of a commentary on sexy dance videos but it’s also a sexy dance video.

3. Bon Iver “The Wolves (Act I & II)” — This video looks exactly how it sounds. Cold. With a fire burning in my soul.

2. Rihanna “Disturbia” — Someone on a VH1 countdown compared this video to NIN’s “Closer” only substituting the monkeys and Trent Reznor for hotass Rihanna. I say, pas mal.

1. MGMT “Electric Feel” — Jack and I were up late one night procrastinating and watching youtube videos. This was our favorite. It’s hipster wookie dance party ridiculous!


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