Weekend Readings

There are two super exciting readings happening this weekend.

Live Lit

Friday, February 20 @ 8pm @ Amherst Books

2nd Year UMass MFA students Chris Cheney, Luke Bloomfield, Gabe Durham, R. B. Glaser, & Katie Hoffman will share new work. And PBRs cost $1!


Kimiko Hahn & Robyn Schiff — jubilat/Jones

Sunday, February 22 @ 3pm @ The Jones Library


I’ve spent the last week reading and re-reading Schiff‘s latest book, Revolver, and there is so much to admire. My students enjoyed the stream-of-consciousness feel of her poems that twist and turn in really unexpected ways.  I personally love her meditations on fashion and brand-name designers blended into poems about automatic weaponry.


Kimiko Hahn ‘s most recent book, The Narrow Road to the Interior, combines autobiography with Japanese literary traditions (pillow books, zuihitsu, etc.) and is equally wonderful. I read it last winter when a bad cold knocked me out for an entire weekend, which turned out to be the best excuse to stay in bed with this beautiful book. Snow was falling outside and I remember feeling very happy.


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