“It’s a shy little wine but I think you will be amused by it’s presumption.”

Last week I caught that nasty cold that everybody seems to be passing around like Skittles and ended up in bed for most of the weekend. Luckily Netflix finally fixed their “Watch Instant” software for Macs so I caught up on some serious movie-watching. I saw:

Bottle Shock


This was an under-the-radar movie of the Sideways Wine Comedy Oeuvre  that came out last year and is based on the true story of how California wine became globally recognized in the 1970s. Not the greatest movie of the year but totally enjoyable and it’s nice to see Bill Pullman back in action. The sun-drenched cinematography made me want to visit Napa and drink bottles and bottles of really, really good Chardonnay. 



Eh. The best part was Thandie Newton’s constipated portrayal of Condoleezza Rice.

BBC’s newest version of Sense & Sensibility


OK, I love Masterpiece Theater (now re-invented by PBS as the snazzier Masterpiece Classic) and Jane Austen novels as much as the next person who loves Masterpiece Theater and Jane Austen, but I don’t understand why this new film was made because it doesn’t improve on Ang Lee’s 1995 film at all. OK, it’s a half-hour longer, so I suppose that makes it better. And there are some funny characters, like Lady Middleton and the elder Miss Steele, that were written out of the film and, yes, there’s the scene when Willoughby comes back towards the end to try to apologize. But I swear, screenwriter Andrew Davies bites off of Emma Thompson’s screenplay in almost every scene. That said I totally loved every minute of it because I’m a sucker.


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