Where I’ll be…

Leaving for the airport in 2 hours. Eeeeeeeeeeee. We have a stop-over in Amsterdam, then we’re flying to Geneva where we pick up our rental car and should arrive in Talloires at around 4pm, French-time.

If you want to see the weather where I am, click on this.

Cross your fingers for a good in-flight movie!


On the occasion of his birthday…

Congratulations, David Bartone

You are my favorite person of the year.
Partial nudity means never
having to say you’re sorry.
You been keeping it real
like a violence. Like the devil
between us. I was born in your kitchen.
Your name is not Omolara
but you are being born all the time.
If you’re not falling in love
you might as well be making a playlist.
Making strips of paper dolls,
heart-colored. You take a hold
of the scissor and snip!
So like a man, the lightening condenses.