What is wrong with me? I am incapable of reading novels this summer. All I want to read is poetry written by my friends and back issues of The New Yorker. At night I stay up late catching up on Gossip Girl and True Blood. Should I or should I not feel bad about this?



4 thoughts on “Litxiety

  1. I’m determined to find Gossip Girl, Season One on YouTube. In the meantime, I’m watching The Bachelorette.

    I endorse Joy Williams for satisfying summer reading. Or biographies. I’m reading Digressions on Some Poems by Frank O’Hara by Joe LeSueur.

  2. that happens to me in the summer, too. at the start, i have all this pent-up excitement to do/read/make all sorts of things, but then i end up concentrating energy on only one or two primary activities.

    p.s. oh dear, i’m sure this is a typo thing, buuut could you change ‘anna’ to ‘anne’ on my blog link?

    • oh goodness, SUCH a typo. will correct that asap.

      thank you for the reassurance. i’m hoping to wade into some short stories soon! and perhaps start a new knitting project, fingers crossed.


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