Upcoming Reading: The Waldrops

When: Wednesday, September 2 @ 8pm

Where: Schoen Books, 7 Sugarloaf, South Deerfield, MA

Who: Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop (writers, translators, publishers, and deities of the experimental poetry world), hosted by Nat Otting


I am so exciting about this I am bursting out of my skin.



Now that the summer heat wave has finally hit in full force, there’s nothing to do but hang out in the air conditioning and futz around on youtube. To make up for the lack of recent posts, here are some of the videos I’ve been watching.

When I was little I used to stay up past my bedtime reading books under the covers. For light I used a little light-up alarm clock that required me to press down on a button so eventually my hand would start to go numb. My favorite book to reread late at night in my cozy little cavern was Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” because  he was also doing stealthy things underground and the food and drink that he stole always sounded tasty. Now Wes Anderson (!) is making an animated version! And while I’m sure it will be different from the book, it still looks like it will be enjoyable.

Cut Copy is an electro-pop band from Australia that Andy recently turned me onto. They sound like they’re Scandinavian from the ’80s. This video for “Hearts On Fire” is a lot of fun and makes me want to dance in the shower.

Finally, I am on a renewed Kate Bush kick and have been listening to “Running Up That Hill” on repeat. Unfortunately the original video isn’t online due to copyright stuff, but this live version is pretty rad if only for the amazing hair.