When You Think Of It

Last night Amherst Cinema hosted the premier screening of the notnostrums film When You Think Of It. The directors (Luke Bloomfield, Emily Pettit, & Guy Pettit) and many of the featured poets/contributors were in attendance. 


It’s hard to condense my love for this film in the small space of this blog post. It made me very happy to see new & old friends up on the screen, hear the music of Peter and the Wolf and Cold Duck Complex, and sip pumpkin roiboos tea in my movie theater seat.  Some of the many highlights included Francesca Chabrier & Noah Gershman under an umbrella made of stars, Emily Toder submerged in water, and Christian Hawkey accompanied by a Peruvian flute band in the subway station under Grand Central. 

You can watch the (amazing) trailer here. Future screenings are being scheduled in New York and Philadelphia, and perhaps at AWP. You can also contact the good folks at notnostrums and inquire about purchasing a DVD.

Tonight is the after-after party on South Street. Perhaps I will see you there.


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