New Orleans Wedding

This is how you do it…


Readings Further Afield

Tonight! Brave Men Press is co-hosting a reading with Boog City in NYC. The amazing Luke Bloomfield, Brian Foley, Mark Leidner, Farrah Field, and Sampson Starkweather are reading at ACA Galleries (529 W. 20th St., 5th Flr) @ 6pm sharp.

Saturday! After the tryptophan wears off, I will be reading with Mike Young & Dan Boehl in Harvard Square as part of Brian Foley’s Deep Moat Reading Series. The reading starts at 5pm on-the-dot at the Pierre Menard Gallery, 10 Arrow Street, Cambridge.

Lady Gaga’s Hats

are spectacular. I’m kind of really obsessed with her right now—her pop hooks, style, and overall insouciance. Here are some great hats.

gaga pirate hat



Also, I spent most of Thursday afternoon watching Lady Gaga music videos and live performances on YouTube. This was not a waste of time. My favorite hat appears in my favorite video of Gaga performing on Ellen. Please watch, you won’t be sorry.

Divine Magnet Reading Series

This is so super exciting.


Seth Landman of Invisible Ear has created The Divine Magnet Reading Series — an online, international, 24-7 happening. No conflicts! No need to carpool! They are bringing the poetry to you! So far Seth has posted readings by Natalie Lyalin (in Jerusalem) & Lewis Freedman (in Madison, WI), with beautifully-written introductions by Lesley Yalen & Jessica Fjeld, respectively.

(Also, the photo above is the #1 Google Image Search item for “Divine Magnet”. It’s a drawing of drag queen Divine on a magnet and you can buy it here.)