Faded From The Winter

Well friends, the holidays have come and gone and now we find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of January. Cruel cold! Evil wind! Impossible mornings! To quote Christy, “If we were bears we’d be in some sweet cave right now.” Part of my hibernation process has involved staying off-line as much as possible. When not putting the finishing touches on my thesis (I’m defending in 3 weeks!) I’ve been reading THIS, knitting THIS, eating THIS, and watching THIS & THIS.

That said, there are lots of exciting events on the horizon that are worth putting on your coat and boots for. I will do my best to keep you updated on all the good goings-on. In the meantime, here’s The XX to keep you warm:


2 thoughts on “Faded From The Winter

  1. um, a few comments here…. first of all the cover of Jane Eyre has gotten a lot sexier than when I read it in high school. In fact it makes me want to read it again (after I solve the murder in my current reading selection).

    secondly, I’m knitting a pillow case right now, but wanting to move on to something more interesting. socks, mittens, head things…. lets do some winter knitting sometime!

    • i know, isn’t it a gorgeous cover??? i actually bought this new edition instead of borrowing a friend’s yellowing penguin classic just for the beautiful silhouette.

      and yes! let’s definitely have a knitting date soon — i’m almost done with the cowl scarf and might start gloves soon.

      so great to hang out with you last night, andy had a great time hanging out too! xoxo

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