In Winter Still

I am a waste of everything today. There were too many cool visiting poets and truth bombs and whiskey shots last night. It was supposed to snow again this weekend but it didn’t. This morning Christy and I drove out to the Look Restaurant and split sweet and savory breakfasts and when I came home I just curled back up in bed.

But now I’m listening to the new Joanna Newsom album that you can stream here in its entirety. Have One On Me is epic, literally, it’s 3-discs long and so dazzling. It makes me want to create a new environment for myself that might include cold weather and trees outside and lots of pale blue and pink and white things and dusting everything with rose-scented powder and I’d hang Victorian portraits on the walls and light candles and fill bowls full of cherries and never leave.

In other news, I’ve started a kind of ridiculous project. I’m attempting to watch every single of episode of Lost before the finale airs, having never really watched the show before. My friend Jed recently watched all of Season 5 in one day, writing haikus for each episode, then sharing them via Twitter and Facebook. I’m biting off his style and I’ve started a blog to post a poem for each episode. I’m calling it “The Lost Semester” and you can read it here.


Weekend Readings

Today it’s snowing so delicately there’s sfumato everywhere.

Tonight and tomorrow and the next day there are readings.

Friday, February 26 ** Live Lit: Michele Christle, Gabe Durham, Mark Koyama, & Robin McLean ** Amherst Books @ 8pm

Saturday, February 27 ** notnostrums, NOO journal, and SIR! Magazine present: Joshua Harmon, Lauren Ireland, Alex Phillips, Leigh Stein, Michelle Taransky, & Caroyln Zaikowski ** Montague Book Mill @ 7pm

Sunday, February 28 ** Celan Salon: Luke Bloomfield, John Coletti, & Jess Mynes ** 39 West Street, Northampton @ 3pm

Mondo Bummer

I am over the moon! My mini-collection of poems You Are My Favorite Person of the Year is now out on Mondo Bummer Books and available for online purchase for only $2!

Mondo Bummer is a cool new press run by the very talented Amy Berkowitz who is playfully reinterpreting the idea of “the book”. The best way to describe Mondo Bummer is as an anti-chapbook publishing company — all of their books are printed in black ink on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper, stapled, tri-folded, and mailed to you.  Quelle disappointment.

Other recent titles published by Mondo Bummer Books include Seth Landman & Lewis Freedman’s collaborative Osagee Icarus, Kendra Grant Malone’s short story Laura, and CAConrad’s (Soma)tic exercise & poem Touch Yourself for Art. It’s damn good company to be in.

Spring 2010 jubilat/Jones Schedule

This weekend kicks off a bonkers season for the jubilat/Jones Reading Series. Mark your calendars with all of this awesomeness:

Sunday, February 21 — Jericho Brown & CAConrad

Sunday, March 21 — David Berman & David Brinks

Sunday, April 25 — Matthea Harvey & James Tate

All readings start at 3pm in the Trustees Room of the Jones Library in Amherst. Dara Wier, Ben Kopel, & Zach Savich will host a community poetry swap before each reading at 2pm.

If Jubilat Jones were a cowgirl, this is what she might look like:


Here’s a link to Brian Foley’s post on HTMLGIANT that links to Dottie Lasky’s poem in this week’s New Yorker. Paul Muldoon, we need to see more of this!

Also, tonight Mike Young has organized a Magic Helicopter Press reading at The Rendez-Vous in Turners Falls. Jack Christian, Christy Crutchfield, Gabe Durham, Anne Holmes, Ben Kopel, & Gale Thompson will read their own work as well as selections from Daniel Bailey’s Drunken Sonnets.