In Winter Still

I am a waste of everything today. There were too many cool visiting poets and truth bombs and whiskey shots last night. It was supposed to snow again this weekend but it didn’t. This morning Christy and I drove out to the Look Restaurant and split sweet and savory breakfasts and when I came home I just curled back up in bed.

But now I’m listening to the new Joanna Newsom album that you can stream here in its entirety. Have One On Me is epic, literally, it’s 3-discs long and so dazzling. It makes me want to create a new environment for myself that might include cold weather and trees outside and lots of pale blue and pink and white things and dusting everything with rose-scented powder and I’d hang Victorian portraits on the walls and light candles and fill bowls full of cherries and never leave.

In other news, I’ve started a kind of ridiculous project. I’m attempting to watch every single of episode of Lost before the finale airs, having never really watched the show before. My friend Jed recently watched all of Season 5 in one day, writing haikus for each episode, then sharing them via Twitter and Facebook. I’m biting off his style and I’ve started a blog to post a poem for each episode. I’m calling it “The Lost Semester” and you can read it here.


2 thoughts on “In Winter Still

    • you bet your sweet bippy i will! almost done with season 1 now, just catching up on the poems and then on to season 2…

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