Lost in LOST

As many of you know, I’ve set a goal to catch up on every single episode of LOST before the series finale at the end of May. I am also writing poems for each episode on a blog I’m calling The LOST Semester, similar to Jed Berry’s LOST haikus. This started out as an excuse to watch a lot of TV (because my boyfriend already thinks I watch too much of it) and has turned into an exercise in abstract poetics and sticktoitness.

Easier said than done. Having only just finished Season Two last night, I realize that I have less than two months to watch FOUR MORE SEASONS! That’s about one hundred episodes, which comes out to seventy hours of television. If I can stick to a regimen, I’ll have to watch at least two episodes a night. This means I’ll have to forgo all other television distractions, such as Gossip Girl, Project Runway, 30 Rock, DVDs of Deadwood, maybe even the soon-to-premiere Treme.

Can I do it?? Only time will tell…


4 thoughts on “Lost in LOST

  1. holy shit, i had no idea you were writing LOST poems. Thats insane.

    You better finish in time. I need someone to talk to about this.

    • Already a third of the way through Season 3 — I’m catching up! I might do a marathon viewing some upcoming weekend if you want to revisit a Season 4 or 5. Maybe psychedelic brunch can be involved too…

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