Green Street, notnostrums, Ponies, Armantrout

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 14) Christy Crutchfield & Anne Cecelia Holmes will read at the Green Street Cafe at 7:30pm. They are ready to dazzle. I’ll be there and I hope you will too.

Ready for immediate consumption: Issue #4 of notnostrums featuring Jensen Beach, Carson Cistulli, Michael Comstock, Gabe Durham, Jessica Fjeld, Brian Foley, Matt Hart, James Haug, Emily Kendal Frey, Daniel Khalastchi, Dorothea Lasky, Brian Mihok, Blueberry Elizabeth Morningsnow, Alex Phillips, Boomer Pinches, Marc Rahe, Matthew Rohrer, Jen Tynes, Rosanne Wasserman, Mike Young , & art by Ben Estes AND Issue #10 of GlitterPony featuring Garth Graeper, JenMarie Davis, Jordan Soyka, Julie Doxsee, Laura F. Walton, Lori Shine, Mike Young, Nate Pritts, Paige Taggart, Peter Gizzi, & Ted Powers. Phew!

Finally, big shout out to homegirl Rae Armantrout who won the Pulitzer Prize for Versed! Here’s a poem (previously published in jubilat #11):


The thing that makes us human,
monkey-see, monkey-do speed-up,
a “call to mimesis,”
now comes from everywhere at once.

The cumulus
and the white flash
from under
the mocking-bird’s wing
make what?

Repeat wake measurement.
“Check to see”
“Check to see,”
birds say,
“that enough time
has passed.”


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