Readings & Wonders

Here are some exciting readings that I’ll be attending (or wish I could attend) pre- and post-move:

Friday, May 7 @ 7pm *** Betsy Wheeler, Amish Trivedi, Kate Schapira, & Sandy Florian *** “The Red and White House across from the Forbes Library”, Northampton, MA

Wednesday, May 12 @ 8pm *** Emily Rae, Luke Bloomfield, Mike Young, Jamie Berger, Jessica Fjeld, Brian Mihok, Boomer Pinches, Gabe Durham, & yours truly (I’m going to read some of my Lost poems) *** The Rendezvous, Turners Falls, MA

Thursday, May 13 @ 8pm *** Pilot Books Chapbook Launch *** Jessica Fjeld, Emily Pettit, & Martin Rock *** Amherst Books, MA

Sunday, May 16 @ 7pm *** Joshua Cohen & Justin Taylor *** Schoen Books, S. Deerfield, MA

Wednesday, May 19 @ 7pm *** CROWD XII *** Seth Landman, Lewis Freedman, Claire Donato &  Zach Barocas ** Cafe Orwell, Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, May 20 @ 7pm *** The Reading at Chrystie Street *** Meg Barboza & Ben Kopel *** The Four-Faced Liar, New York, NY

Friday, May 21 @ 7pm *** Multifarious Array presents Poets & Puppets *** Kathleen Rooney, Sasha Fletcher, Jason Zuzga, Jason Koo, Martin Rock, & Noah Eli Gordon*** Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY

Also, four new poems from the “Natural Wonder” series by Anne and me are now alive on SOFTBLOW. Check them out.


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