Readings, Saltgrass, & More Armantrout

Two great readings on the horizon:

Friday, May 28 @ 7:30 pm *** Earshot Reading Series presents Brian Foley, John Murillo. Mike Soto, Samantha K. Smith & Martin Rock *** Rose Live Music, Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, June 1 @ 7 pm *** InDigest 1207 Series presents Zachary German, Becca Klaver & Leigh Stein *** KGB Bar, New York, NY

Saltgrass Issue 5 is alive! Featuring new work by Lisa Jarnot, Paige Ackerson-Kiely, Natalie Lyalin, Sandra Simonds, Laura Eve Engel, Tristan Tzara (translated by Heather Green), Gabe Durham, Maged Zaher, Jennifer Denrow, Catherine Meng, J. Boyer and Mark Yakich. Read selections and buy your copy here for only $5!

Also, since I’m behind in my New Yorker‘s, I just read the bonkers amazing article on Rae Armantrout by Dan Chiasson. So well-written. So enjoyable to read.


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