TGIF: Memorial Day Edition

Since we’re approaching a holiday weekend, here’s an extra big bonus “TGIF” with three music videos instead of one.

Phantogram’s “Mouthfull of Diamonds”: Haunted kitchen in the wintery woods? But you can see her breath when she’s singing outdoors. Can ghosts breathe? Don’t care, love the song and all the lighting effects. The whole album is really amazing. I’ve been saying that they will be this summer’s Passion Pit.

Califone’s “Funeral Singers”: There’s also a feature-length film created by and starring Califone, called All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. It’s about a psychic who lives in an old house with lots of ghosts. MASS MoCA is hosting a screening and live performance by the band in August that I’m hoping to go to, provided all of my end-of-summer moves go smoothly.

Yeasayer’s “O.N.E.”: I just cannot get over this video. It’s insane. Neon tribal Mad Maxx acid-trip with dancebreaks and wigs. Every other second makes me go WTF. While it’s true that the band has gone seriously downhill since drummer Luke Fasano left — real percussion trumps beatboxes — part of me respects the over-the-top-ness here, plus the chorus is undeniably catchy. Eh. I don’t know. Thoughts?


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