So and So Belated

Hi friends.

Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA the past few weeks, I’ve been reacclimating to the 9-to-5-in-the-city lifestyle. I love my new job but have been so focused on work that I completely missed my friend and co-conspirator Anne Cecelia Holmes birthday! (Word on the street is she had a Hannah Montana piñata. Jealous? Yeah, me too.) Happy Belated Birthday Anne!

Here are some other things you may have missed:

Four of my “Silhouette” poems are published in the new issue of So and So Magazine! This is especially exciting for me because I’m a big fan of the Chris’s Salerno and Tonelli, both as editors and poets. Other inspiring writers in this issue are Michael Carr, Feng Sun Chen, Elisa Gabbert, Tony Mancus, Nicole Mauro, Guillermo Parra, and Nate Pritts. Mike Young said some nice things on HTMLGIANT.

I bought a muddler and have finally perfected my mojito-mixing skills (with loving help from Andy). Because I’m such a good friend, I will share my foolproof recipe with you.

  1. Throw a good fistful of fresh mint leaves in a highball or pint glass with two teaspoons of sugar and the juice of one lime
  2. Muddle for a little longer than seems necessary
  3. Fill the glass half-way up with ice (preferable crushed) and then pour enough white rum to cover the ice
  4. Add a spash of club soda (more or less depending on how strong you like your drinks)
  5. Stir and garnish with a slice of lime

Today was a particularly nice day. They’d been forcasting rain but so far it’s been sunny, if a bit hot. I got up early and went to a class at Go Yoga in Williamsburg (my first time there and I really liked the space and my instructor Stephanie). Then I came home, called my dad to wish him a happy Father’s Day, and went to Urban Vintage cafe on Clifton and Grand for iced coffee. Leigh just lent me her copy of Ana Božičević‘s incredible The Stars of the Night Commute and I read the whole thing cover-to-cover! Then I wrote my first new poem in a month.

More posts to come soon. Probably about True Blood, the World Cup, summer concerts, and upcoming readings.



Today is my last “fake” Friday. I start my new job (!!!) next week and will be working 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, after three years of grad school idyll.

Tonight Leigh Anne and I are going to see Stars at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. I love them. I think this is the fifth time I’m going to see them live. Last time they played at Pearl Street in Northampton they threw roses into the crowd and I caught one! Here’s the video for their new single: