GlitterPony, Supermachine, Lil Wayne, etc.

Tonight! Friday, October 1 @ 7pm *** The Multifarious Array: Marisa Crawford, Buck Downs, & Steven Karl *** Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn

Sunday, October 3 @ 5pm *** Polestar Poetry Series: Ben Fama, Natalie Lyalin, & Adam Seelig *** Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow Street, NYC

Check out some new “Natural Wonders” in GlitterPony, also featuring such wonders as Amy McDaniel, Andrew Brenza, Emily Pettit, Erin J. Mullikin, Guy Pettit, J. A. Tyler, Jackie Therrien, Kate Greenstreet, & Kristen Evans.

I was just gifted a copy of Christie Ann Reynolds frighteningly beautiful chapbook Revenge Poems (SUPERMACHINE, 2010) Voilá le book trailer:

You should buy yourself a copy and, while you’re at it, order Issue 2 of SUPERMACHINE. Here’s a sneak peak of one of my favorite poems by Lauren Ireland, included in the issue:

In Mexico, Boyfriends

Boyfriends are plenty of   plenty of    crimes.
They break your teakettle.    Probably they make you cry.
In Mexico     boyfriends wear     wonderful hats.
Have you ever had a boyfriend.    I’ve been in Mexico
only one day    & already I know more    than you.
On my first day in Mexico    I fell in love    with a bat.
Did you know    crushed beetles    make good lipstick.
I’ve fallen in love    with a beetle.
In Mexico    boyfriends    are very brave.
They commit crimes for love.    Beetle-colored love.
Have you ever    fallen in love    with a bat.
In underground caves    in the dark    ancient Mayans
make out with their boyfriends.    Bats sing.    Romance.
Beetles.    Guano.    Magical magical hats.
I put the beetle    directly on my lips.
Do all those boyfriends miss me.    No.
Romantically    I am in Mexico    loving my bat.
Where are all the boyfriends.    Well.    I guess
They are crying.    They are crying ugly & stupid
in Brooklyn.    and Philadelphia.    and Valladolid.
Where are all the beetles.    They are in underground caves.
In the dark.    Loving the bats.

(Lauren is also sending postcard poems to Lil Wayne in jail. They were written for Weezy but you can read them here.)


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