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This Friday, December 3, Anne and I are reading from our I Am A Natural Wonder project at the SUPERMACHINE Series! We’re very excited to share the mic with the talented Kristen Kosmas and Brandon Downing, who have beautiful books out by Ugly Duckling Presse and Fence Books, respectively.

Last week the new issue of NOO went live. I wrote a review of Marisa Crawford’s The Haunted House (Switchback Books, 2010) and there are other goodies inside, including poems by Carol Guess, Nathan Logan, Ben Mirov, Emily Pettit, Nate Pritts, Sampson Starkweather, Jordan Stempleman, etc.

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones this holiday season? For only $8, Jeannie Hoag’s new chapbook The Age of Ferociousness (Agnes Fox Press) is the gift that keeps on giving!

Here’s one of my favorite poems by Jeannie:

In The Substantive Way We Practiced This Morning

We’re hiding the fact that we’re human,

so injured when others rest on us, too heavy

for our bodies.  We’re human, two skinny people

too heavy for our bodies

to keep all components in one box.

Two skinny people, we have always

tried to keep all components in one box.

We carry it from unit to unit.

We carry a tired buffalo, the house of the soul.

You have always tried to stand

as close as possible.

Less & less, you’re standing close

as you reach your destination.

Less & less the buffalo keeps us alive.

You stand as close as possible to theologians

when you reach your destination.

Is your love yielding to theologians?

Does your love take in a stranger’s heart?

In this new unit I miss you,

the house of my soul too small

for a stranger.  Theologians wave

to the girl on the porch of the house.

It is too small for them to come in.

In this new unit I miss you.

The theologians wave to the girl less & less.

(Previously published in notnostrums)


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