The much anticipated, third installment of Leigh Stein‘s Poets & Puppets returns tomorrow night (Friday, February 25) as part of the Stain of Poetry Series. The reading starts promptly at 7pm at Goodbye Blue Monday. I’ll be reading with Elissa Bassist, Luke Bloomfield, Marisa Crawford, and Lauren Ireland, and Claire Dunnington will play her harp.

Last night Leigh and her friend Erin (a kind and talented artist) came over to help me build the shadow puppet theater that will accompany my poems. We ate chili and cornbread and drank beer and really went to town with our xacto knives. The finished theater and puppets look amazing! To give you a little sneak peak of what to expect, this Little Dragon video was our inspiration:


Just in time for AWP…

So much great stuff!

First and foremost, the Blue Hour Press e-chapbook that Anne and I have been teasing you with is ready for your viewing pleasure. You can read I Am A Natural Wonder for free! Here! Huge thanks to Justin Runge for taking our poems and making something so beautiful and digital.

Also, Issue 3 of Artifice Magazine has work by Matt Bell, Michael Bible, David Blomenberg, Jason Bredle, Michael Czyzniejewski, Lindsey Drager, Kathleen M. Heideman, Donora Hilllard, Dustin M. Hoffman, Anne Cecelia Holmes & me, Addam Jest, Stephen Charles Lester, Kristine Ong Muslin, Brian Oliu, Daniela Olszweska, Davis Scheiderman, Anne Shaw, Janey Smith, Joshua Ware, Angela Woodward, and xTx. You can buy it here or when you say “hi” to Tadd and Rebekah at the Artifice Table. Added bonus, check out the special “Choreographed Dance-Sequence Mix Tape” I custom-made for their blog, which includes this video:

Also also, SUPERMACHINE reached its Kickstarter goal! Everyone’s a winner, especially Ben Fama! Stop by the SUPERMACHINE table to buy Issue 3, featuring poems by CAConrad, Heather Christle, Joseph Calavenna, Lyndsey Cohen, Kate Durbin, Sasha Fletcher, Rachel B. Glaser, Andrew Gorin, Kristen Kosmas, me, Mark Leidner, Ben Mirov, Amanda Nadelberg, Ben Pease, Levi Rubeck, Tomaz Salamun, Mathias Svalina, Michael Thomas Taren, and Mike Young.

On Friday night I will be reading at the Table X Party at 7pm at Steve’s Bar Room (1337 Connecticut Ave. NW #2) with many many many people who you love, so come on by.

As I type, Kit Frick is on the train coming into NYC tonight and (fingers crossed) tomorrow we will be on the 2:05 pm train to DC. See yinz bitchz there.