Faster, Chapbooks! Kill! Kill!

I’ve started writing about poetry for The Faster Times. My first article on the 2011 Chapbook Festival is up today!

Last Friday I read with some fine folks to celebrate the third issue of SUPERMACHINE. It was a super fun night and I was very honored to be included in the lineup with Sasha Fletcher, Joey Calavenna, Rachel Glaser, Andrew Gorin, Amanda Nadleberg‘s proxies, Levi Rubeck, Ben Pease, Ben Mirov, Mark Leidner, CAConrad, and Kristen Kosmas. You can buy the issue here.

Tomorrow night I’ll be reading with Lauren Ireland, Martin Rock, Hanna Andrews, and Phil Amoss. The reading starts at 7:30pm and will be held in Phil’s loft/gallery/performance space at 245 Varet Street, 3rd Fl, Brooklyn. There will be free homemade gingerbread cookies and cream ale! It’s gonna be killer.

Last night was St. Patrick’s Day and I celebrated Swedish-style by going to IKEA with Oka, then hitting up our wine bar for some whiskey and fancy snacks. I realized that despite the fact that I’ve never made this holiday a priority, I’ve still had many memorable St. Paddy’s Days, including buying Guinness and green frosted supermarket cupcakes with Dora (2005), starting on a East Village pub crawl organized by Kit and somehow ending up with Anthony and Megan at a Planet Hollywood near Times Square (2006), going with Andy to hear Tei’s Pogues cover band, the Fauxgues (2007), and sitting around my living room in Northampton drinking Jameson and eating dark chocolate Cadbury eggs with Christy, Ari, and Sara (2009).


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