Sartorial Stuff

Have you read Lauren Ireland‘s new chapbook Sorry It’s So Small? I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren for The Faster Times. We talked about punctuation, party dresses, Lil Wayne, and how to “just write a fucking poem.”

If you are a human being with a wicked sense of humor and you like beauty, you need to buy Sorry It’s So Small from Factory Hollow Press now.

In other Faster Times news, Anna Wiener wrote a great write-up of the SUPERMACHINE Issue 3 launch. It’s true, there were a lot of intimidatingly attractive people there.

Last week five of my hat poems were featured on No Tell Motel: “The History Of The Hat, Part 1”, “Wedding Hats, Part 1”, “Tudor-Style”, “Prince Albert’s Top Hat”, & “Wedding Hats, Part 2”. Then the lovely Paige Taggart found this amazing photo:

It feels kind of cosmic because not only is it a portrait of a mime (I think) wearing an incredible hat, but somebody named A. Ladewig signed the photo. Or the photo is of someone named A. Ladewig. Regardless, I have goosebumps.

Finally, all of this talk of fashion is getting me excited about Delirious Hem‘s upcoming feature Seam Ripper: Women on Textual & Sartorial Style. Consider submitting! Here are some recent photos from The Sartorialist to inspire you (click to enlarge):


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