This Weekend: Ferociousness, Oz, Van Etten

Tonight! SUPERMACHINE! Justin Marks! Paige Taggart! Jeannie Hoag! Andrew James Weatherhead! 8pm @ Outpost!

Here’s one of my favorite poems by Jeannie, from her sold-out chapbook The Age of Ferociousness (Agnes Fox Press, 2010). I think I’ve heard her read it two or three times and I’ll never get sick of it.

Natalie Portman Is Smarter Than I

She has a mole on her left cheek
I have a mole on my left cheek
They are called beauty marks
and we both have them
She is in movies. I saw
Mel Gibson getting into a car
across from the Post Office
She doesn’t love my cat
the way I love my cat and
she doesn’t know my middle name
I don’t know hers but I could easily find it
Natalie Portman speaks five languages
That’s not me
I don’t know how she feels about Starbucks
but when I’m out of town
sometimes I patronize Starbucks.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) I will be reading at Yardmeter Edition 18 with Molly Dorozenski, Ian Dreiblatt, Corinne Fitzpatrick, Deborah Poe, Christie Ann Reynolds, Anelise Chen, Cate Peebles, Nada Gordon, Shangxing Wang, Margaret Monaghan, and Macgregor Card. We’re all reading Wizard of Oz-themed poems in front of a projection of the movie. It will be kind of like a midnight matinee of the Rocky Horror Picture Show only with less fishnets. The reading starts at 7pm sharp at 267 Douglass Street in Brooklyn.

Following the reading I’m going to catch a cab to the Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Sharon Van Etten! Her new album, Epic, has been my soundtrack all crappy-winter-long. I hope she plays this song:


4 thoughts on “This Weekend: Ferociousness, Oz, Van Etten

  1. That is one of my favorite J. Hoag poems too. I like how Jeannie doesn’t assume she knows how Natalie Portman feels about Starbucks.

    • I’m guessing if Natalie Portman does like Starbucks she’s very private about it. I tried so hard to find a paparazzi photo of her drinking Starbucks but it was un-Google-able.

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