AWP: Where I’ll Be

In 24 hours I will be in Chicago! I’m ready and rarin’. My dresses and boots are packed and my nails are did. I’m looking forward to buying lots of books, catching up with friends, and drinking bloody marys in hotel bars.

If you’re also going to AWP, you can stop by the SpringGun Press table (J23) to pick up a copy of my book and meet editors extraordinaires Erin Costello and Mark Rockswold. They will also be tweeting from the book fair all week.

I’m participating in two readings on Friday:

Happy Hour Reading

Friday, March 2nd
@ Beauty Bar
1444 W. Chicago Ave.
5:00 – 6:00 pm

James Tadd Adcox (The Map of the System of Human Knowledge)
Roxane Gay (Ayiti)
Caitlin Horrocks (This Is Not Your City)
Lily Ladewig (The Silhouettes)
Sean Lovelace (Fog Gorgeous Stag)
Mark Neely (Beasts of the Hill)

Table X/Y Party & Reading Experiment
presented by Red Rover Series

Friday, March 2nd
@ Outer Space Studio
1474 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Doors open at 8:15 pm

Experiment #1 – 9:00-9:30pm

Lori Anderson Moseman (Flim Forum Press)
Harold Abramowitz (Les Figues Press)
Gretchen E. Henderson (&NOW Books)
Peter Conners (Stamped Books)
Molly Gaudry (Mud Luscious Press)
Kathy Fish (The Lit Pub)
Paige Lipari (Augury Books)
Amy King (Litmus Press)
Judith Goldman (O Books)
Bianca Stone (No, Dear)
Philip Metres (Flying Guillotine Press)
Marcus Pactor (Subito Press)
Jonathan Stalling (Counterpath Press)
Katie Fowley (Lightful Press)
Kate Durbin (Supermachine)
Lisa Ciccarello (Immaculate Disciples)
Marina Blitshsteyn (Argos Books)
Rodrigo Toscano (Fence)
Anna Joy Springer (Jaded Ibis Press)
Corina Copp (Ugly Duckling Presse)
Miranda Mellis (Encyclopedia Project)
James Maughn (Black Radish Books)
Amanda Deutch (Dusie Kollectiv)
Lily Ladewig (SpringGun Press)
Joseph Mains (Poor Claudia)
Kristin Prevallet (Belladonna)
Jennifer Karmin (Flim Forum Press)
Alina Gregorian (Monk Books)
Sidebrow reading from White Horse
Alan Gilbert (Futurepoem)
Nicole Schildkraut (Kaya Press)

Experiment #2 – 10:00-10:30pm

Ben Mirov (Supermachine)
Laura Goldstein (Red Rover)
Matvei Yankelevich (Circumference Magazine)
Janice Lee (Jaded Ibis Press)
Noel Black (Ugly Duckling Presse)
Dana Teen Lomax (Black Radish Books)
Brent Cunningham (Atelos)
Deborah Poe (Dusie Kollectiv)
Adam Peterson (SpringGun Press)
Jeff Alessandrelli (Poor Claudia)
Caroline Crumpacker (Belladonna)
Christie Ann Reynolds (Monk Books)
Sidebrow reading from White Horse
Joe Elliott (Lunar Chandelier Press)
Erika Jo Brown (Further Adventures Press)
Lily Hoang (Les Figues Press)
Elizabeth Gentry (&NOW Books)
Gina Caciolo (Stamped Books)
Robert Kloss (Mud Luscious Press)
Ben Segal (The Lit Pub)
BC Edwards (Augury Books)
Jennifer Scappettone (Litmus Press)
E. Tracy Grinnell (O Books)
Ben Pease (No, Dear)
Serena Chopra (Flying Guillotine Press)
Tracy DeBrincat (Subito Press)
Giovanni Singleton (Counterpath Press)
Frances Richard (Les Figues Press)
Jessica Laser (Lightful Press)
James Belfower (SpringGun Press)

Also, I’ve now released my third and last book trailer. This one has a whale!


Praise for The Silhouettes

Recently two writers whom I greatly admire wrote some very smart and kind things about my book and I just had to share:

Christy Crutchfield wrote a review for Dark Sky Magazine and drew connections between the poems that I hadn’t even thought of myself!

Over at HTMLGIANT, Melissa Broder listed her top 18 takeaways after reading the book in her piece Important Information Garnered from The Silhouettes.

Also, last week I released the second book trailer. Voilà!

Silhouettes for Sale

My book is now officially available for purchase! To buy your copy, visit the SpringGun Press website. (You will also be able to purchase the book through SPD soon.)

With the help of the lovely and talented Leigh Stein, I’ve created three book trailers that I’ll be releasing each week leading up to AWP. You can watch the first one now.

I’ll be giving two readings at AWP in Chicago on Friday, March 2 and there will be an NYC book party at Pete’s Candy Store on Tuesday, March 13. More details to come!

Lit Mag Ketchup

I’m a bit belated in announcing recent publications, what with turning 30 and traveling to California and all. But now I’m back in Brooklyn and I’m back to blogging.

Horse Less Review Issue 10: I have two poems in this stellar issue (one is from my forthcoming book!) along with Carrie Bennett, Karen Lepri, Dawn Pendergast, Mark Lamoureux, Molly Brodak, Jeff Alessandrelli, Linda Russo, Becca Jensen, Deborah Poe, Sarah Mangold, Michael Flatt, Christine Gardiner, Jefferson Navicky, Matthew Johnstone, Monica Mody, Jennifer Stockdale, John Duvernoy, Jane Lewty, Maryrose Larkin, Cori A. Winrock, and Ashley Van Doorn. Cover art by Patrick Costello. Thank you, Jen & Jen!

Poems from my History of Beauty series have recently been published in the following amazing journals:

Sixth Finch Winter 2012: Poetry by Anthony Alessandrini, Sarah Bartlett, Andrea Cohen, Jessica Fjeld, Dean Gorman, David Gruber, Jamelieh Haley, Donora Hillard, Kristen Kaschock, me, Marc McKee, Cate Peebles, Ted Powers, Stella Vinitchi Radulsescu, Justin Runge, Emily Toder, Tony Trigilio; Art by Darren Ankenman, Emily Barletta, Bo Bartlett, Eleanor Bennett, Pakayla Biehn, Rebecca Bird, Erin O’Brien, Katy Stone, Elliot Wilcox, Susan Worscham. And that’s Jeremiah Gould’s photo on the cover below. Thank you, Rob!

Spinning Jenny Issue 12: Stacie Leatherman, Andy Nicolson, Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin, Matt Mauch, Kyle Flak, Bo McQuire, Danniel Schoonebeck, Justin Petropoulos, Tony Triglio, JoAnna Novak, Rhiannon Dickerson, Sara Jane Stoner, Bruce Cohen, James Meetze, Ryan Murphy, Jane Wong, Craig Foltz, me, Paige Taggart, Maureen Alsop, Zvonko Karanovic, Ana Božičević, Tracey McTague, Tina Cane, Bridget Bell, and Nate Pritts. Check out their brand spanking new site where you can buy a copy of the new issue. Thank you, Beth!

I’ve been a big fan of all three of these journals for a very for a long time so I feel triple-y proud about being included in these issues.