Two Readings



Just in time for AWP…

So much great stuff!

First and foremost, the Blue Hour Press e-chapbook that Anne and I have been teasing you with is ready for your viewing pleasure. You can read I Am A Natural Wonder for free! Here! Huge thanks to Justin Runge for taking our poems and making something so beautiful and digital.

Also, Issue 3 of Artifice Magazine has work by Matt Bell, Michael Bible, David Blomenberg, Jason Bredle, Michael Czyzniejewski, Lindsey Drager, Kathleen M. Heideman, Donora Hilllard, Dustin M. Hoffman, Anne Cecelia Holmes & me, Addam Jest, Stephen Charles Lester, Kristine Ong Muslin, Brian Oliu, Daniela Olszweska, Davis Scheiderman, Anne Shaw, Janey Smith, Joshua Ware, Angela Woodward, and xTx. You can buy it here or when you say “hi” to Tadd and Rebekah at the Artifice Table. Added bonus, check out the special “Choreographed Dance-Sequence Mix Tape” I custom-made for their blog, which includes this video:

Also also, SUPERMACHINE reached its Kickstarter goal! Everyone’s a winner, especially Ben Fama! Stop by the SUPERMACHINE table to buy Issue 3, featuring poems by CAConrad, Heather Christle, Joseph Calavenna, Lyndsey Cohen, Kate Durbin, Sasha Fletcher, Rachel B. Glaser, Andrew Gorin, Kristen Kosmas, me, Mark Leidner, Ben Mirov, Amanda Nadelberg, Ben Pease, Levi Rubeck, Tomaz Salamun, Mathias Svalina, Michael Thomas Taren, and Mike Young.

On Friday night I will be reading at the Table X Party at 7pm at Steve’s Bar Room (1337 Connecticut Ave. NW #2) with many many many people who you love, so come on by.

As I type, Kit Frick is on the train coming into NYC tonight and (fingers crossed) tomorrow we will be on the 2:05 pm train to DC. See yinz bitchz there.

Upcoming Readings: Brooklyn Book Festival Edition

Here’s where me and half the poets in Brooklyn will be this weekend:

Friday, September 10 @ 7:30 pm
The Schoolhouse
330 Ellery St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Readings! Music! Your Autumn Crush! with:
Macgregor Card
Chris Cheney
Lonely Christopher
Corina Copp
Jon Cotner
Joanna Penn Cooper
Anne Cecelia Holmes
Lauren Ireland
Simone Kearney
Dorothea Lasky
Paul Legault
Emily Pettit
Christie Ann Reynolds
Matvei Yankelevich
Matthew Yeager

(with music by Forma & Haussmann)

On Saturday Anne and Gale are visiting and our only real plans are to get mani-pedis and walk around Prospect Park.

Then on Sunday, September 12 it’s the Brooklyn Book Festival! If I was super ambitious and had a strong resolve I would go to all of these panels:

10 am: It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (But I Like It). Musically inspired readings by three chart-topping American fiction writers: Steve Almond (Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life), Jennifer Egan (A Visit from the Goon Squad), and Colson Whitehead (Sag Harbor). Followed by Q&A. ST. FRANCIS AUDITORIUM

11 am: The PSA Presents: Established and Emerging Poets. The nation’s oldest poetry organization celebrates its 100th anniversary with some of the country’s best emerging and established poets—Martín Espada, Dorothea Lasky, John Murillo, and Jean Valentine. Moderated by Rob Casper. MAIN STAGE

12 pm: The Culture of Disaster: How Crisis Defines America. Nietzsche once said, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Or does it? Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine), Kurt Andersen (Reset), Jordan Flaherty (Floodlines), and Paul Reyes (Exiles in Eden) look at issues such as Hurricane Katrina, the economic collapse, and military engagements overseas and consider whether they in fact make us stronger as a society, or more vulnerable. ST. FRANCIS AUDITORIUM

1 pm: The Transformation of the Book. Four poets discuss how authors and publishers are expanding and re-framing the notion of what a book is, and what it can do. Jen Bervin, Mendi Lewis Obadike, Tan Lin, John Yau. Moderated by Camille Rankine. ST. FRANCIS READING ROOM

3 pm: Sarah Silverman and David Rakoff in Conversation. Humorists Sarah Silverman (The Bedwetter) and David Rakoff (Half Empty) discuss their work. MAIN STAGE

But I know that I won’t. I’ll probably just wander around the book fair all day and maybe make it to see Sarah Silverman.

One Week Later

Save the date: On September 16th Leigh Stein and I are reading for The Reading at Chrystie Street (which is actually at the Four-Face Liar on West 4th Street). More reminders to come. Here are “Three Ghazals for Departure” by Leigh.

Listen to this! It’s the new project by José González and it’s melodic.

The Anna Karenina Book Group is continuing on but from now on we’re just called The Book Group. This month we’re reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.

IKEA is still being a bitch and my bed is missing pieces but I’m much happier with my new new haircut than with the old new haircut. (Thank you Melanie at Dop Dop!) I might post some pictures soon.

Also, is it too late to change career paths and become a “flower stylist”? Maybe if I call myself a “word stylist” people will give me money.

Leigh Stein, Mythical Creature

Lots of exciting news focused around a theme (in the form of an exciting person):

1) The new issue of H_NGM_N just went live! And your friends are there! Fiction by Emily Toder as well as poems by David Bartone, Philip Muller, yours truly, and a beautiful triptych of “Revisionisms” by Leigh Stein.

2) The good folks at Mondo Bummer Press have just published a chapbook by Leigh, entitled Summer In Paris. A trip to the France inside Leigh’s brain for only $2??? Sign me up!

3) Finally, Leigh is organizing a “fun raiser” to buy a Flip Cam and record the poetic exploits of her puppets at AWP, Denver. Learn more about the Poets & Puppets Project and donate here.

Required Reading — Barbara Guest

It was difficult to pick books to bring with me to France, but Wesleyan University Press’s recent Collected Poem of Barbara Guest was a no-brainer. I’ve been devouring it book by book, going chronologically and am so amazed at how timeless Guest’s writing is. Some of the poems in her first book, The Location of Things, were published in 196o but could easily be mistaken for something found in a recent journal, written by a contemporary poet. Still, her work is truly original.

The poem below is especially fun to read while I’m here:

In the Alps

Where goes this wandering blue,
This horizon that covers us without a murmur?
Let old lands speak their speech,
Let tarnished canopies protect us.

Where after the wars, the peaceable lions,
The forests resting from their struggle,
The streams with loads upon their icy backs,
Is this a reason for happiness,
That one speaks after such a long time,
That the hand one holds leads one far away?

Is this a fairy tale then?
This new-discovered place where one can dream
Of tigers with fair hair and houses whose hearths
Are tended by knights lingering there?

Riding down to Venice on borrowed horses
The air is freed of our crimes,
Lovers meet in the inns of our fathers
And everywhere after dusk the day follows.